About Pandy

We believe that everybody should benefit from technology advancements in business. 


Pandy’s History

Hello there! I`m Andy, a tech enthusiast with a passion for constantly improving anything I come in contact with. This passion has driven me in wide directions, capturing knowledge from all sides of a business.

My story in the business begins in the Spring of 2011, when i got the opportunity to join a small but yet promising Austrian Digital Publishing Agency with the office in Timisoara, the town i lived back then in Romania.

I begun learning Salesforce and Email Marketing from scratch and in the end, i managed to integrate various platforms and build complex architectures to sustain a scale-up business model.

After 2 years, i decided to move further on my career taking the freelancing approach – always on the hunt for new projects to work on different platforms.

Within the next year I managed to acquire a number of small businesses as customers and improved their CRMs and websites, sending email campaigns and create different integrations.

In the beginning of 2014 I started to collaborate with APROPLAN’s CEO, with whom I’ve worked side by side and built a powerful sales machine, which supported the growth from 6 to over 50 employees, with development, administration and support across SalesForce.com and various integrated applications.

In the Summer of 2017 begins a new adventure with the birth of BizLabs Services, a company created by myself and my business partner JG Archer, two guys sharing the same vision and goals.

JG and myself met as freelancers a few years before starting BizLabs and have delivered many successful CRM, Marketing, and Online projects together, mainly for startups in Europe. After developing a strong working relationship, we decided to form BizLabs. Unfortunately, the adventure ended with the year 2018, both of us going on separate ways but we still keep in touch.

Today my only focus is Pandy Solutions, a company I founded in 2016. Through it, I managed to make many clients happy and its story continues to be written.

We provide hybrid business and technical services to deliver smart user and customer experiences.

Work Experience & Happy Customers

I helped a great number of companies the past 8 years, from very small to multinationals.

  • Zoho One Consultant & Admin @ Apis Training, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Salesforce Admin & Online Marketing Consultant ThinScale Technologies, Dublin, Ireland
  • CTO & COO BizLabs Services, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Salesforce Admin, Hubspot & Integrations expert @ APROPLAN, Brusells, Belgium
  • Sage and Salesforce Developer @ Blue Road Partners, Dublin, Ireland
  • Salesforce & Pardot Consultant @ Waeg, Brussels, Belgium
  • Zoho Recruit Admin BillSave, Dublin, Ireland
  • Salesforce & Pardot Admin @ Aite Group, San Francisco, United States
  • Hubspot Solutions Architect @ Your Smile Direct, Dublin, Ireland
  • Zoho CRM Admin Corrata, Dublin, Ireland
  • Salesforce Admin @ Keith Lloyd Couture, New York, United States
  • Salesforce Admin & Online Marketing Consultant @ Actionpaper Digital Publishing Agency, Wien, Austria

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."

Albert Schweitzer

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